I bought my first bike since taking up riding as an adult around three years ago, as I didn’t want to buy new and find out motorcycling wasn’t for me. I had ridden trail and dirt bikes throughout my youth, but gave them up as I moved on to University. At the time I never considered street riding as the bikes didn’t appeal to me. Later in life with my career in full swing, and a wife and kids I started to feel claustrophobic under all the pressures that come with responsibility we all face. My problem was I loved my freedom, but that was non-existent with career and family obligations and I knew I needed something for my mental well-being. Playing sports just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore, nor was my aging body cooperating. It was around that time I started looking at bikes again. Then I can across Ewan & Charley and realized there were practical bikes out there which satisfied my off road cravings but were solid on the street as well. Not to mention, much smaller than Ewan & Charley’s GS 1200’s. Not only that, but adventure awaits just outside your front door and you don’t need to leave for a year with a support truck following you around. One 30 minute ride can wipe away all the crap of the week and make you a better person to be around…..or so my wife says. So what are you waiting for?! Just get out there and ride!

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