Mental Health Day 1 (September 12, 2014)

After much pressure from family and friends, I’ve finally entered to 21st Century and got an iPhone (unfortunately, my bike is still 20th Century, but that may change soon). Downside is I’m never left alone, but upside is the decent camera which in theory allows me to finally contribute to the Ride Reports. Most have great reports and photos, so hopefully I’ll get better as I go!

It has been a busy summer with no time off, but I usually get out once or twice a week for a few hours. I thought it was time for a ‘Mental Health Day’, so I took last Friday off to explore. Sorry, no mapping to see as I don’t have a GPS (oldschool backroads maps for me), but if anyone knows a good App for tracking an image of your ride on your iPhone, let me know.

Basically, I headed Northwest out of Bridgewater starting at exit 16 going to the valley taking the following roads: Mines, Camperdown, Overhill, Hwy 210, LaBelle, Hwy 208, Rosette, Medway, West Dalhousie, then east to the Old Liverpool where it meets Hwy 10, and then back on Old Liverpool which turns into the Old Annapolis until it reaches Hwy 208 and you retrace the way back to Bridgewater. Alot of fun as it’s close to 90% dirt, but very big bike friendly. Long stretches of the Medway are extremely fun, think ‘rails to trails’ meets roller coaster.

Next time I’ll pack a lunch as I had to head out of my way to Lequille to get food at a gas station/country store. I’ve attached a few photos and hopefully be able to figure out how to show my route and take more pics (I can feel Kelsow shaking his head in disgust as I type this). I was having so much fun in sections I just didn’t think to take pics! This Friday is going to be another ‘Mental Health Day’.


MGRSep12.14 014 - Copy (2) MGRSep12.14 034 MGRSep12.14 037 MGRSep12.14 041 MGRSep12.14 052 MGRSep12.14 081 MGRSep12.14 079

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