Mental Health Day 3 (September 26, 2014)

Well I finished the trilogy of ‘Mental Health’ Fridays this month and enjoyed another day on the trails. Stuck mainly to the Old Liverpool/Annapolis and Alton Roads, since they were so much fun. Surprisingly, in the middle of nowhere I ran into a rider, who I’ve been on a ride with through a mutual friend. He was on a new (to him) KTM 950 Adv in mint condition, and I FORGOT to take photos ’cause I was tripping over my tongue. We did exchange contact info for a future ride, so I’ll have to remember to take some then – sweet bike!

MGRSep26.14 019 MGRSep26.14 031 MGRSep26.14 032 MGRSep26.14 038 MGRSep26.14 043 MGRSep26.14 055 MGRSep26.14 057

Categories: Rides

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