Mental Heath Day 2 (September 19, 2014)

Took another ‘Mental Health Day’ this past Friday and retraced my route, but came back via the Alton Road. This time I packed a lunch which saved time looking for a place to eat. Spending all day riding is truly therapeutic, except for my assistant texting me about a ‘whiney’ lawyer on one of our deals – did I mention how much I hate f#$kin’ lawyers?! Anyway, great day regardless!!

MGRSep19.14 003 MGRSep19.14 007 MGRSep19.14 015 MGRSep19.14 019 MGRSep19.14 028 MGRSep19.14 037 MGRSep19.14 038 MGRSep19.14 040

Categories: Rides

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