The Ugly Beast

I thought I’d make mention of my first bike since taking up riding as an adult. I bought her around three years ago for a couple thousand dollars as I didn’t want to buy new and find out motorcycling wasn’t for me. Well, after three years it’s safe to say I love and need to ride and the old KLR, which I nicknamed the ‘Ugly Beast’, provided me with countless hours on the road and trails. She liked to get dirty and didn’t mind the bumps and scrapes of off-road riding! In fact, I don’t think she liked being clean. And despite the awful colour and typically painful Kawasaki graphics, she did have a sexy rear end! After three years, however, it was time for something more refined as my riding has evolved and improved, but I will fondly remember her and certainly recommend the KLR to anyone interested in adventure touring.


Categories: Rides

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