All Quiet on the Eastern Front

Well it’s been “All Quiet on the Eastern Front” on this blog since the holidays. All of us motorcyclists are ‘hibernating’ in the midst of the lovely winter we’ve been having this year in our region.

Frankly, I’m getting downright depressed, since I’m usually able to get out on the road a few times in January and February during our usual winters on the South Shore. Well, this year (or last, come to think of it!) I wasn’t even able to allow it to enter my mind. Global warming my ass! If anything it’s getting colder…..or is that just me getting older?!

Luckily, me, SWMBO and the little people were able to enjoy some of this (thanks to the largesse of certain condo owning family members)!

Bahamas2014 068

And a little of this……

Bahamas2014 054

Great way to get your mind off winter, but painful to come back. I’m hoping the purchase of some accessories for the bike will keep me sane, along with the Halifax Motorcycle Show. Nothing like a little bike ‘porn’ to keep you going until all this snow melts.

Until then, the Sertao is safely tucked away in a warm comforter until I need her.



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