MC Show Halifax 2015

I’m about at the end of my rope with this winter, so thank God for the Halifax Motorcycle Show! Nothing like a little interactive ‘Bike Porn’ to raise the spirits. Troy at Atlantic Motoplex was telling me that weather cancellations were hurting the show in Moncton for the big manufacturers, who spend a lot of money to attend the show only to lose full days. He’s hoping Halifax & Moncton can combine shows and trade locations year to year. That being said, there was a good turnout for dealers and Kawasaki had a huge display with the H2R & H2 being the stars of the show. My disappointment was mainly the lack of spandex clad eye candy, somebody dropped the ball there! Here’s a sample of some of the bikes.

mcshow Mar20 15 057

The FJ 09 was one of my favorites, beautiful bike with incredibly comfortable ergo’s.

mcshow Mar20 15 041

Sweet bike build, nice and minimal!

mcshow Mar20 15 047

Another custom.

mcshow Mar20 15 055

The H2

mcshow Mar20 15 048

…and scary looking H2R

mcshow Mar20 15 056

KTM 1190 Adv seemed pretty trim for a large adventure bike.

mcshow Mar20 15 042

Have to say I love this Royal Enfield, bet it’s fun to ride!

…. a few of the other offerings! Ready for spring now……….anytime now! Please!!

mcshow Mar20 15 044 mcshow Mar20 15 052 mcshow Mar20 15 045 mcshow Mar20 15 043

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