First Ride of 2015!

Finally!!!!!!! Got to get out for the first ride of 2015 thanks to the hellish winter that has bombarded the east coast so far and I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet. I’m pretty sure all east coasters are praying for some sort of global warming. I’m doing my part by running my lawnmower and chain saw for hours on end for no reason other than to damage the ozone. Of course I had to open the side door of the garage to do it as I couldn’t open the main door due to ice. Well it seems to be working, since today the ice and snow cleared enough to allow me to exit the garage with baby (not to mention a little encouragement from my ax). I left the office early knowing the roads were clear and finally exposed my baby to the elements. Screw the salt, I can deal with that by a good cleaning and the magical properties of Scottoiler spray. So off I go along the LaHave River heading to Crescent Beach. I am so pumped to be back on the bike! What a great ride, snow everywhere, but roads clear enough to let loose. I was so excited I forgot my wallet, but thankfully I didn’t need gas or get pulled over by the police. A distinct possibility considering the euphoric speeds I was going. If my wife asks, I rode sedately. Back me up. Enough chat here are some pics. Looking forward to seeing you all on the road and don’t forget to do your part to encourage global warming*.


*Please no hate mail – it’s a joke. No ozone was harmed during or prior to the writing of this post. However, if we get another snowfall, all bets are off, cause I AM DONE!

First Ride 2015 007First Ride 2015 016 First Ride 2015 020 First Ride 2015 010 First Ride 2015 008 First Ride 2015 005

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