Beautiful Day

Great to see and hear of all the fellow inmates finally getting out for rides on a regular basis! A few weeks back it was touch and go on the home front as we, including the kids, were pacing around the house surly and aggressive as inmates at a maximum security penitentiary – not pretty. The impending prison riot was interrupted by a ray of sunshine and the accompanying higher temperatures. So is this it, did we make it, is it finally over?! Is riding season truly here to stay – I certainly hope so for all our sake!

MGrideApr12.15 036MGrideApr12.15 024

Today’s ride hit some of my favourite twistys in our neck of the woods. If you find yourself in our area, be sure to hit some of these roads (and yes, I know, I know, no GPS coordinates, but I’m an old school map kind of guy). They may not be along the coastal Lighthouse Route, but they are incredible fun to ride through with an abundance of twistys through some pretty countryside.

MGrideApr12.15 020 MGrideApr12.15 014

I left Bridgewater by way of Conquerall Mills & Conquerall Roads taking me around Fancy Lake and across the 103. Then it was along Camperdown & Camperdown School Roads, the latter of which makes it hard to stay within the speed limits. Across the 103 again down the Hirtle Road to Voglers Cove, and finally to Port Medway via the Port Medway Road and back, with a brief stop in Mill Village to munch on a snack of homemade Beef Jerky from the General Store. With my hunger temporarily sated, I meandered home taking in the amazing views of the Lighthouse Route. What a day!

MGrideApr12.15 031 MGrideApr12.15 038

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the road!


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