Family Picnic at the Beach

MGrideApr19.15 028

I usually do my chores on a Saturday, but my buddy Derryl is thinking of getting a bike again after a decade away from riding and wanted me to go with him to Shore Cycle to look at bikes. Naturally, I couldn’t say no to an opportunity to convince someone to ‘drink the Kool-Aid’ and get a bike! Luckily, we males are fairly pliable, especially when it comes to motorbikes, and Derryl was sold. I showed an appropriate amount of restraint and counselled him to sell his unused sailboat before buying, but my inner voice was screaming ‘get the bike, get the bike’! My enthusiasm is partly due to the fact I know Derryl would make a great riding buddy for road trips long or short, and well, he does have his wife’s blessing. Needless to say, no chores got done.

Sunday morning came and I rushed to get my chores done, so I could get out for a ride or ‘church’ as it’s known in our house (I’ve always said I prefer to be on the bike thinking about God, than in church thinking about my bike). But I did want to hit the beach with the family, so we all headed to the beach for a picnic with me on the bike! Our dog loves the water and was long overdue for a dip in the ocean. We would have loved to have done the same, but the chilly reality put an abrupt end to our fantasy (it’ll come).

MGrideApr19.15 004MGrideApr19.15 020

Unsurprisingly, I decided to take the bike to Crescent for the family picnic as I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ride the beach. We are truly blessed here in Nova Scotia to be able to ride on a beach, there’s nothing like it.

MGrideApr19.15 010MGrideApr19.15 013

After the beach I headed into the LaHave Islands with its narrow twisty roads and great views – I love it. Stopped on the Government Wharf in Crooked Channel for some pretty pictures. Did I mention how lucky we are to live in a place with such natural beauty? Not to mention twisty coastal roads, created specifically for motorcycles. That’s some good municipal planning, that is!

MGrideApr19.15 031MGrideApr19.15 023

It was on to Petite Riviere and beyond to enjoy more hilly twisty roads past the winery and an old mill. I don’t actually remember half the roads I travelled, but do know they were fun.

MGrideApr19.15 046MGrideApr19.15 049

Sometimes you just get in a zone and ride without a clue as to where you are or where you’re going – I love those rides. Two wheeled therapy at its best. And before you know it, you’re back at home and with your loved ones, but in a much better mood!

MGrideApr19.15 035


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