Feeding the Soul

My ride this past weekend was another fun outing with the family and my favourite niece. We went to Kejimkujik Seaside and I got to take the ‘long route’ with the bike. I didn’t get many pictures as I was too busy riding, but have to say that Keji Seaside is beautiful and worth the hike from the parking lot. The little people seem to be at their best on these nature outings, although we were picking ticks off the boy by the bucket load as if he was the ‘Tick Whisperer’! Then again, out of the 4 of us he does get up close and personal with EVERYTHING living or dead! Needless to say, I love these outings that combine family and me time all in one. They’re the best days!

MGrideJun7.15 071

As a middle-aged man I have struggled at times with being a husband and father, not to mention a career requiring an inordinate amount of responsibility. And this from a man who until his late thirties led a nomadic existence. That’s where the motorcycle came into my life again. As a kid and later teenager, my motorbikes were my escape and I began to realize I needed that again as an adult.

MGrideJun7.15 082MGrideJun7.15 090

Thankfully, my wife understands this and is supportive. Her only requirement was that I wear all the gear all the time (ATGATT) and it be highly visible. No problem, not here to look cool but to ride and be as safe as possible. I’ll never forget the week after I got the bike when she said, “If I knew how much easier you’d be to live with, we would have gotten you a bike years ago”! The only downside is the flack she gets from other women for ‘allowing’ me to get a bike. Really? You’d much rather deny your loved one something that feeds his soul so his resentfulness can fester until he leaves you for the bimbo from the office?

PEIJun2015 126 PEIJun2015 127

I come back from rides a better husband and father specifically because I’m able to feed my ‘wanderlust’ soul without abandoning my family………… but I digress, it was a great ride. Then again, aren’t they all?!


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