Restoring My Faith in Humanity

Fathers Day is here and after receiving the much coveted espresso machine as my Father’s Day gift (yet another indulgence), I ventured out for my usual Sunday morning ride, or ‘Church’ as it’s known in our family. It was a typical fun ride on the twisty roads of rural Nova Scotia. I turned onto a familiar favourite road, but decided to explore a different direction I had never gone before. It was a dirt road I like to refer to as a roller-coaster for motorcyclists – too fun!

MGrideJun21.15 002 MGrideJun21.15 012  MGrideJun21.15 018

I was constantly stopping to get the right photo op and eventually headed to the route I was planning to take all along. About 20 minutes later I stopped for another pic, but noticed my wallet was missing. I had left it in the same pocket as my phone and during the incessant pulling out of the phone for pics had lost my wallet. I retraced my steps immediately in the vain hope I would find it, but too much time had passed. Sure enough, no sign of it at any of the photo op locations. Someone had picked it up, as it would have fallen on the road since I’m always off the bike before open my pocket. I was already envisioning some nefarious rural drug dealer booking his next illicit trip on my credit card and emptying my bank account to fund his next binge party! Needless to say, my ride home was not the usual therapeutic endeavor, while I obsessed about all that could go wrong and the excrutiating calls to the card companies.

MGrideJun21.15 015 MGrideJun21.15 006 MGrideJun21.15 021 MGrideJun21.15 013

Once I got home though, I had a thought. My business card was in the wallet, and we do live in NS where the people are painfully friendly and kind (one of the reasons we moved here). So I gave it a shot and checked my messages at the office. Only one new voicemail from today, that’s gotta be it! And sure enough, a wonderfully cheery female voice let me know she had my wallet. My faith in humanity restored, I returned to that remote dirt road to retrieve my wallet from yet another true Nova Scotian!

MGrideJun21.15 020


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