Shore Cycle Demo Day

Local shop Shore Cycle had their Yamaha demo days, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ride bikes I’ll never buy due to financial constraints… and…well, wanting to stay alive. There was a decent sized crowd when I pulled up and a good vibe permeated the place. Accept for Justin though, surly bastard, be nice if the guy smiled on occasion. All I did was compliment him on his balloon skills.

MGrideJun27.15 046 MGrideJun27.15 070

I decided to take the Super Tenere out for another go to see if my initial impression last year was as good this time around. I have to say that for a big bike it felt fairly nimble with a load of grunt, not to mention comfortable ergos. Certainly a great long range tourer, but I’d love to try it on dirt to see if it still inspires confidence on narrow forest service roads. The FJ09 was another matter, just a hooligan disguised as a tourer. Man that thing begs you to thrash it, and it’s hard not to! I was glad to be led for the ride or I may have done something stupid if left to my own devices. It tickles that part of your brain that urges you to discard any form of common sense or reason. “Crank it, what could go wrong!!” Love to ride that bike on a track day.

MGrideJun27.15 025 MGrideJun27.15 029 MGrideJun27.15 034 MGrideJun27.15 036

Was pleased to see Jason404 proudly displaying his new Bigstrom, admitting he was worried that riding some of the demos would give him buyer’s remorse. Didn’t get the chance to talk to him after, but am interested to hear his comparison of the Super Tenere vs. his Bigstrom.

MGrideJun27.15 042 MGrideJun27.15 044

On a personal note, my new SW Motech pegs came in for the Sertao. The standard pegs are a nightmare for offroad, too high and narrow for any proper balance (not to mention painful). The Motech pegs are extremely wide and rounded, and I like the removable rubber. Since I had my street boots, I left the rubber on to test the grip in dirt and puddles for the ride home. I have to say I love them! The balance and control while standing are amazing, what a difference! You feel like you could let go of the bars and ride solely with your feet (not that I tried of course). Can’t wait to try them with my offroad boots sans the rubber.

MGrideJun27.15 031 MGrideJun27.15 078 MGrideJun27.15 049 MGrideJun27.15 066 MGrideJun27.15 052MGrideJun27.15 069

All in all, another great day with special thanks to the crew at Shore!

MGrideJun27.15 072


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