Another Mental Health Day

Another Mental Health Day was in order since I had to pick up SWMBO from the airport after midnight. A perfect reason to not show up in the office the following day, and ride. Sometimes it’s good to be self-employed…… sometimes. ‘Middle Age Adventure Therapy’ I call it.

MGrideJuly7.15 041 MGrideJuly7.15 005 MGrideJuly7.15 002 MGrideJuly7.15 011

As usual I had no plan and just started riding, but ended up at the General Store in Mill Village, after copious amounts of twisty pavement and rolling dirt roads. There’s a German butcher who sells his wares there and I can’t resist the smoked sausages…….. and ice cream. What!? It’s the perfect blend of sweet & savory! Who’s with me on this?

MGrideJuly7.15 030 MGrideJuly7.15 031 MGrideJuly7.15 039MGrideJuly7.15 034
While exploring a forest road I came across Kelsow’s next project. Ok, Ok, so it doesn’t have the cache of a Vanagon, but it is free (I’m assuming) and does come with its own parts supply in the back (PM me for location Kelsow).

MGrideJuly7.15 024 MGrideJuly7.15 026 MGrideJuly7.15 021 MGrideJuly7.15 019

I made another brief stop at Petite Riviere Winery to soak up the feel of being in Provence, sort of. Love their building and the wines are really starting to come into their own. Nova Scotia wines in general have come a long way with some of the vinters in the valley producing quality stuff.

MGrideJuly7.15 014 MGrideJuly7.15 013

On my journey I passed the spot where the clutch cable on the old KLR gave out and spurred me on to buy the Sertao, which I am still loving. And the new pegs have made riding offroad a joy and I even get to wear my MX boots without feeling cramped. Worth their weight in gold!

MGrideJuly7.15 043
All in all, another therapeutic ride. Now I’ll be able to handle the office tomorrow.


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