Overdue Excursion

I was overdue for a ride as SWMBO had left me in charge of the ‘Little People’ during her extended absence. Needless to say, there was no riding being done. I tried to take advantage of the warm weather by getting to the beach with them and it’s been fun! They’re water rats, especially the boy; love my time with them having fun in the sun.

MGrideJuly12.15 014

That said, it was time for a ride and on SWMBO’s return I left for a short but fun ride on the twisties along the LaHave River on my way to Lunenburg to check on a buddy’s build. After a brief chat about his impending bike purchase and tour of one of his units, I went home the ‘back way’ to Bridgewater along the Lighthouse Route. Just love the views with the tight curves demanding your total attention. Much of the route is also newly paved, which here on the South Shore is a big deal! No really, the roads are generally poor, but that’s why I have an ‘Adventure’ bike. It doesn’t matter what the road conditions are. Just gas it and go!

MGrideJuly12.15 008 MGrideJuly12.15 010 MGrideJuly12.15 020 MGrideJuly12.15 015


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