Wolfman Blackhawk Tankbag

Friday a package arrived from Wolfman – my Blackhawk tankbag had arrived! Life has meaning! Unfortunately, SWMBO had me working on ‘THE LIST’ all day Saturday, but I was undeterred and got more done than anticipated, which meant Sunday was free. It’s amazing how much I can accomplish with a little motivation.

MGrideJuly19.15 010 MGrideJuly19.15 019

First up, installation…… which took all of 5 minutes, it was that easy. I thought it may be smaller than I wanted, but again, it surprised me by easily carrying everything I would pack for a day ride. That said, I do pack light, but the point is it was small enough to not take up much space, but big enough to carry a few essentials.

MGrideJuly19.15 012 MGrideJuly19.15 014

Next, the test ride to see if I could stand and turn without being hampered. It passed with flying colours, and frankly, I just plumb forgot it was there. You can’t ask for more. I’d highly recommend any Wolfman bags. I also have a tailbag from them and find it to be excellent as well.

MGrideJuly19.15 021 MGrideJuly19.15 011

The ride itself was low key as the weather was fairly dreary, but it’s always a great day on the bike. Now to return home to my garage to stare lovingly at my new purchase until SWMBO calls me in to supper.

MGrideJuly19.15 031


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