FAR Training

Found out some of my teammates for the upcoming Fundy Adventure Rally were doing some trail riding as training. Whaaa….. I thought we were training for the drinking after!?! Well there goes three straight weeks of inebriation. Not to be outdone by my keener teammates on the actual riding aspect, I got out for some ‘training’ last evening. I prefer the Legendary Windsurfer Robby Naish’s training method, when asked what his winning regimen was he said, “When the wind blows, I go out” (helps to have talent too). So I rode some nice rough service roads through Christmas tree land to hone the ‘on the peg’ skills. I only lasted an hour. I blame the heat. How long is the Rally again!? I may have some work to do.

MGrideAug19.15 037 MGrideAug19.15 043 MGrideAug19.15 041

On a completely unrelated note, at an overnight stop in Quebec recently, I woke up to a long line of uber cool bikes in front of the hotel, ridden by a large group of ‘Hipsters’ from Montreal. Unfortunately, by the time I got my camera, most had left. I did catch a pic of one of my favourites, the R Nine T. Sweet bike! The ‘Hipsters’ looked the part with all their trimmed beards, rolled up jeans, black leather jackets and painstakingly styled hair despite having to put on helmets moments after exiting the hotel. Oh well, the price you pay for fashion!

MGrideAug19.15 001 MGrideAug19.15 002

……. But I digress, back to training.


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