Continued Rally Training

After realizing I needed to do some actual ride training and not just imbibing for the upcoming rallies, I had to detox for a week, enabling me to get off the couch and ride. The local skidoo trails are my favourite off road trails to ride, as they’re not as chewed up as many ATV trails and make ideal riding for larger dual sport bikes. All in all it was around 70ish kms of fast trail riding on the Alton and Old Liverpool roads. I did my best to keep my speeds well above 4mud’s (Rod) required minimum for rally training. He would have been so proud. I did briefly stop once for a drink and use the ‘facilities’, but otherwise kept a steady pace throughout. It’s the least I could do considering there are two rallies over the next couple of weekends. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

MGrideAug30.15 023 MGrideAug30.15 020 MGrideAug30.15 014 MGrideAug30.15 017


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