Someone’s Drunk the BMW Kool-Aid!

Ever since the BMW demo rides at the Fundy Adventure Rally, EastCoast Al and I were gushing about the 800GS! In the weeks following the Rally, Persistent Al kept peppering me with links to second hand GS’s from various parts of the country. I had visions of being stuck in a vehicle with him for days on end heading to pick up a bike in the Yukon. As luck would have it he managed to find one closer to home in PEI. After much hand wringing he finally decided to do it and off we went to meet the seller with the bike in Truro. We were running late due to Incompetent Al’s ‘shortcut’, but it didn’t matter since the seller was late as well. In fact, we practically arrived at the same time. Anxious Al visibly relaxed when the GS was fired up. Man, they sound good! And that’s with the original exhaust. After some riding around the vast Giant Tiger parking lot, Excited All was beaming and it was a done deal. Business completed, we loaded the bike and headed for home while Overjoyed Al texted everyone he knew. Yup, Al drank the BMW Kool-Aid. The End.

Al GS Oct5.15 036Al GS Oct5.15 035 Al GS Oct5.15 034 Al GS Oct5.15 037

Oh, by the way, anyone need a KLR?!

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