My First EastCoast Al 800GS Ride

Excited Al wanted to get out for a ride, but both of us have the usual Thanksgiving familial obligations, so the weekend was out. Al asked me to ride this evening and I was game despite coming down with a nasty cold the Munchkins were kind enough to bring home. As usual it was a struggle to get going, but as soon as I pulled up and saw the two BMW’s side by side, I immediately felt better. We had a short, but brisk ride through very twisty roads and some off-road as Unsure Al was still getting used to so much raw power and a responsive bike. Apparently, it’s a bit of a transition from the KLR ;-). What a great day to get out for a quick ride and we’re making plans for a longer one later this fall. Love that 800!

Al GS Oct5.15 006Al GS Oct5.15 004 Al GS Oct5.15 010 Al GS Oct5.15 003


Categories: Rides

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