Mental Health Day, May 2016

I had an amazing ride last weekend with a great group of riders, but came back to a busy office. By the end of the week I was exhausted, but luckily I had set Friday aside as a Mental Health Day.


SWMBO had suggested I close the office one day a month to relieve the stress. Many of us spend most of our busy working day sitting at desks, which in my view is the biggest cause of health issues for middle-aged men. I have no scientific evidence of this, only how I feel after long stress-filled days at the office. It can’t be good, not to mention making me grumpy at home. Those are the times SWMBO ‘suggests’ I got for a ride. It was one of the main reasons I got into motorcycling again and has made a huge difference in my health from both a physical and, more importantly, mental standpoint. As much as I enjoy riding with others, there is nothing as satisfying as riding on your own. This last Mental Health Day ride was mostly an exploration of trails and backroads that I was hesitant to ride in the past due to lack of trust in my own abilities. My confidence as a rider has grown through the many group rides, since you tend to push yourself a little more when you have other riders to assist you if things go bad. You also learn a lot from better riders. This has allowed me to be more adventurous when on my own and led to some great discoveries, as the photos below will attest to. The soothing solitude of solo riding cannot be underestimated.


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