Another One Sees the Light

Recently, my buddy Derryl finally succumbed to my persistent hints that he should buy a bike. Derryl is in his 60’s and used to ride large touring bikes out west over 20 years ago. Seeing my new BMW Sertao got his blood running and he started to contemplate riding again. Well, needless to say I was only too happy to corrupt him and bring to the da… Wait a second, I’m getting sick of all the negativity associated with bikes in our society, that I’ll now refer to it as “seeing the light”. Derryl is trying to slow down on his work life and saw riding as the perfect excuse to do so. Luckily, his wife is like mine and supports him whole-heartedly. Although, it is probably more likely she just wants him out of the house (like mine). No matter, happy to oblige! When Derryl asked what bikes he should be looking at, we had a long discussion on what type of riding he saw himself doing. Years ago when I was deciding what bike to buy, I received the best advice, ‘be honest with yourself about the riding you will actually do’. After the discussion, the choice for Derryl was obvious to me, the Suzuki 650 Vstrom. The weestrom is light’ish, easy to handle, bulletproof, sufficiently powerful, and comfortable on dirt roads and even groomed trails. One viewing at Shore Cycle and Derryl agreed, done deal. I met him at Shore to pick up the bike and off we went for the first ride. He was tentative at first, but after a half hour or so was keeping up to me without a problem. His verdict? And I quote, “It fits me like a glove!” Sweet, I’m looking forward to having another riding buddy, who I know will be great for longer trips and those kinds of relationships can be hard to find.


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