Cannonball Ride

Still without a bike! I’m going stir crazy sitting around with all the great riding weather we’ve been having in this part of the world, and still, no bike. Then my new riding partner Derryl stepped in and arranged a loner bike through Justin at Shore Cycle. Justin is the ‘Smiling Budda’ of motorcycle dealership owners. You need a bike – go see him. Ironically, I bought my bike elsewhere, yet he is the one who I get a loner from….. but I digress. The reason Derryl was so keen, was he wanted to do the shorter local Cannonball Ride. You know, the one where you ride a ridiculous amount of miles in a short period picking up cards from different dealers along the way. Now normally, this kind of riding doesn’t interest me as I prefer the journey, not the destination or amount of miles I’ve ridden. I’m a quality over quantity guy. That said, Derryl was still in the midst of ‘new bike syndrome’ and was gung ho for the ride. We weren’t crazy though, and chose the shorter one day route of 500 miles. We left Shore Cycle first thing with me mounted on a used Weestrom. Perfect bike for this kind of ride, but it was fitted with a lower seat which made ergo’s somewhat cramped. I ignored it though as I was too excited about being on a bike! SWMBO and the ankle-biters were thrilled too. Apparently, I’m not nice to be around when not riding.

We had an excellent day riding around the southern half of the province before heading all the way back up to New Glasgow then returning through Musquodoboit, before passing through Halifax and on toward home. Somehow, we missed the turnoff to Musquodoboit and ended up in Sheet Harbour. It added another 45mins to an hour to the ride, but we were too giddy over the twistys we were riding to care. I do remember the New Glasgow to Sheet Harbour ride being particularly fun, so it’s no wonder we missed the turnoff. We passed Shore Cycle at around 10pm, but didn’t bother to stop. We need our rest. I can only hope this is the first of many rides with Derryl!


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