First FAR Training of the Season

I had intended to start FAR training much sooner this summer, but being without a bike for over six weeks put a little damper on that plan. Not to mention that my Scotia Adventure Crew teammate, EastCoast Al, was busy honing his skills attending hare scrambles across the province on his new rocket powered mountain bike that KTM produces. Needless to say I wasn’t in any mood to try and keep up with him on mud-holed single-track’s with my pig (by comparative standards). So I was effectively on my own with two pieces of technology to master for the rally, a GPS and the GoPro.

Seeing that there were only two members on our team this year (who schedules a wedding the weekend of the rally!?!), it meant I had to come up with a GPS. Gone were the days of lazily following my teammates and trusting they knew where they were going. Luckily, Wheeler-dealer Al gave me the non-functioning Garmin off his now departed 800GS (he’s becoming the biggest mover of bikes on the South Shore – I can’t keep track!). Garmin was then good enough to send me (for a fee), and refurbished one. Job done, but when I turned it on it only showed a basic map of the province with only the main highways shown – WTF?! Of course, I should have known the actual maps were extra. The prospect of downloading a figuring out how to use it was daunting to an old-school map guy who does a happy dance every time I’m able to successfully send an email – I kid you not! Reef, a fellow ‘FARista’, was good enough to come to my assistance and offered to provide maps and a tutorial.

That problem solved, I focussed on the GoPro, and struggled to remember ‘the boy’s’ instructions (damn 12 year olds and their ease with technology). I intended to connect with Reef and friends as they were making their way to the valley and coming through Bridgewater on their way home. I decided to meet them in the Berwick area via some easy, but fun skidoo trails. It all went well with filming as I rode (I hoped), and I did manage to meet up with Reef’s gang for the return leg over the rail trail. My exuberance on the trail had me blasting to the front of the pack, which in hindsight was a mistake, seeing that footage of an empty trail gets very boring in a hurry. No matter, the footage turned out well, but I had over a half dozen extreeemely long clips – note to self, only turn it on for a few minutes at a time at the more interesting bits only. That said, it was a successful ride and enjoyable meeting Reef’s crew (sorry to the Newbie’s for my spirited pace on the trail). I can’t wait to post a clip from the ride…oh wait, I have to edit first. Shoot, now I have to download a program. S#*t! This may take a while……..

…… but I managed this:



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  1. Hah thats why i never bother bringing a GoPro, i know i wouldn’t wanna do the “Editing” part, so i just tug along with those who have GoPros 😀
    was a nice ride with you, specially the second leg (Middleton to New Germany), first leg in the valley was a bit too easy and then the ride back from Bridgewater to Halifax (Trunk 3) was utterly uncomfortable on the KLX’s stock seat, a piece of 2×4 would’ve been more comfortable than that!

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