2017 is here!!!!

2017 is here and I have to say I’m happy 2016 is behind us. It wasn’t a particularly bad year, just tumultuous to say the least. Usually this time of year is depressing for us motorcyclists, but here on the South Shore we’re blessed with slightly less severe winters than most of the rest of this province. I welcomed the New Year with a short ride yesterday to lift my spirits! A little chilly, but doable for a short ride.

Oh sure, we’ll have ice and snow over the next few months, but it doesn’t last long and it always seems to warm up enough for a few days. If we’re lucky, rain washes away the salt and ice, allowing us some time out on the streets with our bikes.

I see a few hardy souls like myself on occasion when I get out for a winter ride and we nod knowingly at each other when we pass with a ‘shit eating grin’ on our faces. There’s something so satisfying defying winter like that which makes the dark months bearable. Not to mention the dumbfounded stares we get from ‘cagers’ – love it! So far the biggest snowfall was just before Christmas, but I was still able to ride over the holidays, albeit somewhat briefly. Melting snow can make for lousy visibility with all the fog and mist.

That said, I’m looking forward to 2017 and have resolved to ride more and write more this year. Hopefully I’ll get to see everyone at the motorcycle shows this winter.


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