2017 Moncton Motorcycle Show

Finally made it to this show, which was the first time I’ve ever attended. The Moncton show is traditionally bigger than Halifax as all the manufacturers show their new stuff for the upcoming year. Halifax was always it’s poor cousin where the local dealers would show off their current stock (but not necessarily their brand’s new stuff). That appears to be changing over the years due to increased travel costs for the big brands, not to mention the seemingly yearly cancellations due to poor weather in the Moncton area. BMW wasn’t there this year and as far as I could tell, Yamaha, Ducati and Honda were the only manufacturers. The others left it to their dealers to show their stuff. Still, it’s always a good day when you get to look at bikes. Great to see CMG’s Courtney and Eric at the Fundy Adventure Rally booth and talk about this year’s rally. Can’t wait to see the BMW challenge, which is happening at this year’s rally for the first time. The bike that caught my attention the most was the Ducati Desert Sled, a variation on their popular scrambler lines – what a beautiful bike. As usual Ducati had the best looking bikes (gotta love the Italians). Anyway, it was a great way to get through these cold months and I look forward to the Halifax Show.

This is why you don’t let your buddy take such an important shot – Du’oh! So disappointed to not have a better shot of this gorgeous bike!


Love the new Honda 250 Rally, perfect Fundy Adventure Rally bike (so you can pretend to be a real rally racer!), and the new to Canada white Africa Twin looks fantastic!

Maybe this is the better bike for the Fundy Adventure Rally!?!


Yamaha’s lineup looked very, very nice! The only thing missing was the 700 Tenere (dare to dream, dare to dream!).

Still my vote for coolest bike out there….


All in all, a great time coming at a perfect time of yer to help you forget the winter blahs and not riding – Ciao!


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