Coastal Maine

Wow, can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted. What a busy year for work, travel and camping with the munchkins. No excuse though, time to get caught up. I’ll keep it brief.

‘My Other Brother Derryl’ and I finally did our overdue Maine trip last spring and it didn’t disappoint. The coastal areas are beautiful and although similar to our own Nova Scotia, the higher population density meant there was far more to choose from in terms of coffee and food stops. Downside – more traffic, but still manageable in early spring, but I’d hate to travel this route in the height of summer.

However, the highlight of the trip was our visit to Mount Desert Island, which we almost didn’t visit. We got to the main entrance and balked at the $20 each fee to get in. Then we regained our senses and paid up. It is a national park which uses tourist dollars for the extensive maintenance after all, and truth be told we wouldn’t hesitate at dropping $20 at a fancy café stop. Priorities realigned we cruised up the main peak and were blown away at the view along with the fun twisty road heading up. We did it twice of course, once to take in the view and once to enjoy the cornering! We used one of the pullouts to enjoy a cigarillo and a freshly squeezed Handpresso (see earlier post).

We went as far as Portland and particularly enjoyed that city’s night life. Our evening meal was an amazing experience at a restaurant named ‘Duckfat’, and you just know with a name like that – it rocks. All in all, a great trip. Roads were excellent, the views scenic, great places to eat and drink, and people were all extremely friendly. In fact, when they found out where we were from they would always apologize for their President and ask if we could take them back to Canada!

Derryl left me in Bangor to head to Montreal and visit his kids, and I took the ‘Airline’ route back home. After getting off the ferry in Digby it poured all the way home and served as a reminder to me to get better gear.


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